Vertical Traffic Road Signal

The VERTRAS is a high-performance measurement system for automated, real-time detection of vertical road signs, their recognition, classification, and performance characteristics measurements, such as reflectance, colorimetry, and luminance.

Its operation is based on the use of dedicated instrumentation consisting of optical sources and reflected light detectors installed in a vehicle capable of acquiring, objectively and at speeds above 60 km/h, a large amount of information about the performance of signs without producing any glare to other road users and without interruption of road flow.

The luminous performance such as color coordinates, luminance factor, and the retro-reflection coefficient is measured by taking into account the European standard EN 12899 for measuring the performance of vertical signs. In addition, VERTRAS makes it possible to create a functional cadastre of vertical signs and to assess their state of degradation, so that the revision of road signs can be planned with reduced time and cost where necessary.