Inertial Profilometers and two and three-dimensional Scanners

Instruments for surveying the roughness index (IRI: International Roughness Index) and macro-texture (MPD: Mean Profile Depth), are capable of assessing defectiveness and state of pavement degradation.

Types of inertial profilometers:

  • Longitudinal profilometer bar: it can detect IRI and MPD. The system can be mounted inside the bumper of the vehicle to protect it from external impacts and weathering while moving. The novel element in the IRI surveying mode lies in the two independent inertial profilometers placed on the axis with the front wheels of the vehicle, which can optimize the process of surveying the profile
  • Transverse profilometer bar: for transverse slope and rutting measurement, equipped with seven high-performance lasers capable of covering a total extension of 180 cm