MObile MApping System

Vehicle for acquiring the data needed for road classification and realization of the road cadastre.

The MOMAS is a Road Assessment Vehicle designed for road surveys and the implementation of the road cadastre. Outfitted with instrumentation capable of capturing high-definition images on each side of the vehicle, the MOMAS can be equipped with a wide range of devices, depending on the client’s needs.


Videocameras in an “all around” configuration that can acquire information simultaneously; of these, the lateral ones allow the survey of the section orthogonal to the direction of travel.

Laser Scanner

A system of laser scanners that, through the technique of laser ranging and infrared, can provide additional information compared with traditional imaging techniques, allowing more accurate analysis of roadway encumbrances and tunnel profiles.

Profilometer bars

Longitudinal profilometer bars are capable of detecting IRI (International Roughness Index) and MPD (Mean Profile Depth), the index of pavement roughness and macrotexture, respectively. The system is mounted inside the bumper of the vehicle to protect it from impacts and weathering while moving. A new element is the two independent inertial profilometers placed on the axis with the front wheels of the vehicle, which can optimize the profile surveying process.
The transverse profilometer bar for transverse slope and heave measurement is equipped with seven high-performance lasers capable of covering a total extension of 180 cm.
The transverse profilometer bar for cross slope and hewing measurement is equipped with seven high-performance lasers capable of covering a total extension of 180 cm.

GPS, odometer, data acquisition, and processing systems

GPS unit to ensure the geolocation of data acquired during the survey. The vehicle can also be equipped with an odometer and additional data acquisition and processing systems.

The integrated system is managed by two automotive PCs installed in the rear compartment of the vehicle that the operator accesses from the cabin station during the survey campaign. The various servers, synchronized with each other via the GPS receiver, ensure synchronous management of the data flow of all instruments and data storage. The survey campaign is managed from the control dashboard capable of displaying all survey systems in use on a single screen.

The system is of course upgradable and can be integrated with other instrumentation as required.