Road Assessment Vehicles (RAVs), are special vehicles intended for functional and structural surveillance and monitoring of road networks.

TSL, designs and manufactures vehicles, equipment, and instruments for measurement and data acquisition, for high-performance surveys of road infrastructures, with the use of sophisticated instrumentation of the latest generation and customizable according to customer requirements for the needs of different clients.

Proprietary software manages the surveyed information to efficiently schedule maintenance work, and determine priorities, necessary costs, expected future performance, and the value of related performance indices.

TSL Engineering designs and equips Road Assessment Vehicles that can be used by transportation infrastructure management agencies to:

  • Perform road and rail cadastre: survey the equipment and appurtenances along the road network (vertical and horizontal signs, safety barriers, accesses, fixed obstacles, etc.);
  • Measure traffic-induced pavement noise;
  • Obtain accurate information on the geometric and mechanical characteristics of road and airport pavement;
  • Assess pavement roughness and texture index;
  • Assess transverse and longitudinal slopes;
  • Measure the sound absorption value of road pavements (CPX method);
  • Check for the presence of rutting or cracking;
  • Measure the performance characteristics of vertical road markings.

MOMAS - MObile MApping System

MPS - Monitoring Pavement Surface

RIMA - Absorption Measurement Surveys

CPX - Close Proximity Method

VERTRAS - Vertical Traffic Road Signal

TEX.C.S.S. - Textures for Road Comfort and Safety

Inertial Profilometers and Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Scanners